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Letter: Brewer says good-bye


To all of Montgomery County and specifically Southmont Schools,

As I enter my last few official days of serving as an administrator of Southmont schools, I have to pause and reflect on the enormous amounts of experiences and opportunities I have been afforded over the years. The countless number of kids, parents, community and staff members I have had with a blessed connection is daunting and emotionally pausing.

Retirement is only a term of change of life. It does not change you as a person in any way if you choose. I aimed to be a teacher in the second grade, focused to be a principal in early adulthood and literally stumbled into unforeseen leadership experiences.

Once again, retirement is simply a new job assignment in life. I look forward to serving my life in any way to others. You all make the change for kids, not by ideas or concepts, but by honest love and effort.

An honorary Walnut Blue Slip goes out to all of the Southmont community!

See you around the corner,

Eric Brewer

New Ross