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Letter: Don’t destroy democracy


A key function of the democracy displayed in America is the influence of its’ citizens. It is the job of the people to determine what should happen to their beloved country, and they do so by voting in officials whom with they share beliefs.

This same majority does more than vote in their country’s leaders, however, they go as far as socially policing their own society. A man in the United States must follow the laws placed by the government otherwise they will be reprimanded by prison time or fines in the upwards of their monthly paychecks. Though a man could receive worse punishment by remaining within the confines of the law, while simultaneously violating the social code that people have unanimously agreed upon. This may seem to be nothing compared to prison time as it sounds as if a few people may not agree with you, this, however, is not the case.

American society works as a whole and creates social outcasts of people who disagree with the majority. Should you be bold enough to stand upon your own understanding, the American people move swiftly to silence you and label you as an enemy to all.

Is this not hypocritical as to what democracy stands for? People must be careful not to destroy their democracy by misunderstanding exactly what makes the democracy they love. One day they themselves could end up disagreeing with the majority, and the democratic monster they helped create may not be so kind.

Trevor McKinney

Wabash College 2024


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