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Letter: Public’s help need to keep murderer in prison


On Valentines Day 1977 at Hollandsburg, Indiana, a gang of thugs broke into the home of Keith and Betty Jane Spencer and killed their four sons by tying them up, laying them on the living room floor and shooting them. Betty Jane also was tied up and placed next to her sons on the floor and shot. The thugs believed they had killed all of them, but when Betty Jane was shot in the head the blast knocked off her wig and they thought it was her head. This is why she survived and was able to testify and identify the four thugs who murdered her family. There was absolutely no doubt of their guilt.

The judges in each trial (their were four) sentenced all of them to life in prison. Because they only got “life” they were at some point able to get parole. Before Keith and Betty Jane died they asked if me and others would go to parole hearings to make sure these thugs never got out of prison.

The point of this letter is to let the public know that David Smith, one of the four murderers, is coming up for parole Aug. 10. I am not sure if the hearing is open to the public, but letters are welcome. If anyone would be interested in writing a letter to the parole board, I will make sure it gets to the right people. If there is not public outcry of this parole, he may get out. I intend never to let that happen.

If you want to feel sorry for the murderers, don’t. They destroyed a family for kicks. Betty Jane had to lay on the floor and listen to her sons die, listening to the blood gurgling from their bodies and not being able to do anything. She lived with that memory for the rest of her life. And Keith, he had just left for work before the murderers burst through the front door. He also lived with that guilt until he died. Should you think this is unjust, let me remind you what Betty Jane used to tell people when they told her to forgive. When Jesus was on the cross he forgave the thief next to him. Even though Jesus forgave him, he still had to pay man’s debt for what he did on this earth.

Please get your letters to me to help me with this mission. You can send to my email at

Becky Shelton



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