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Letter: Reader reacts to women’s health forum


I was present at the League of Women Voters forum last week at the library. The purpose of the meeting was to showcase their viewpoint as to the effect of the Dobbs Decision and Senate Bill 1 on our state’s economy and women’s health. Since I have a different perspective, here are a few of my objections to their presentation:

Calling it “abortion care.” It puts lipstick on the fact of what an abortion is: the deliberate ending of a human life. One speaker used the phrase “lifesaving abortion procedure.” Not for the fetus.

Speaking up for the rights of all women is important. Especially for women who are vulnerable. And for those who have no voice. Which includes women (and men) who are living in the womb.

Using statistics to tell only one side of the story. A health care exodus in Idaho was mentioned, because they have strict abortion laws. But from the New York Post: “‘One-hundred percent of hospitals report nursing shortages they cannot fill; over 75% said that other key worker positions cannot be filled — directly impacting the accessibility of healthcare services,’ said the study by the NYS Health Care Association.”

You can’t blame abortion restrictions for problems that most states are having.

Not a solution. With Roe, we had abortion available for almost 50 years. The problems mentioned by the LWV speakers last week were from before the two pieces of legislation that they object to. Poverty. Racial disparity. Maternal death. Drug use. Depression. If abortion is the best answer, why hasn’t it solved our dilemmas?

What could we accomplish if we decide to work together on these very real issues without someone having to die? I know we are smart and courageous enough to meet this challenge.

Leslie Warren