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Letter: Reader upset with Sen. Boots’ legislative agenda


State Senator Phil Boots announced the 2021 legislative agenda the other day. The agenda has two serious flaws in it that if enacted would cause harm to the senator’s constituents. Boots overall is a nice and caring guy. He has, however, shown that he can also be irresponsible and reckless by supporting measures that will aid the spread of SARS-CoV2 and death from COVID-19.

The number one legislative agenda of Boots is to give liability protection from COVID-19 lawsuits to individuals and businesses. This legislation is squarely in opposition to accountability and responsibility that is needed to control the most devastating pandemic experienced in our lifetime. Giving broad immunity from prosecution to businesses that may not want to close during the hight of the pandemic or take other uncivil actions would be much harder to be held accountable for their negligence and unconcern. Granting this type of liability protection is like abolishing speed limits and stop signs and is just plain bad.

The other dangerous and irresponsible bill being supported by Boots is one that has an inappropriate name. The government responsibility act is actually a wolf in sheep’s clothing and encourages individuals to argue with public health officials in the midst of a pandemic. What is it about 25 million infections and 400,000 dead people that Boots doesn’t understand? Trying to legislate second guessing health professionals during a pandemic is irrational. Neither the liability protection nor the right to appeal health officials decisions is in the best interest of most Hoosiers. Boots needs to rethink these priorities and focus on controlling the spread of the COVID virus rather than protecting businesses that want a free pass to act irresponsibly and second guess public health mandates.

Michael P. Fons



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