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Letter: Where are the ‘good’ candidates?


Several years ago (1964) there was a popular TV show called Slattery’s People. It was about a small town legislature played by Richard Crenna. My how have politics changed? Where have all the “good” guys and ladies gone?

Here is a partial list of candidates, who have spent millions for campaigns.

Mike Braun — “You can’t trust him.”

Eric Doden — “Says he is the only candidate that has a plan to eliminate drug wars in the US.”

Jeffery Shreve — “Unlike many members of congress will keep his word.”

Chuck Goodrich —“Wants to sell farmland to China.”

Victoria Spartz — “Wants to pour money into the Ukranian war.”

Jason Colliero — “Will stop all illegal drugs.”

Joe Booker —“Believes we need to increase tax rates to pay on the national debt.”

These are just a few of our leaders for the future. As for me, I have the perfect write in vote — Alford E. Neuman is our man!

Steve House