Club News

Maple Grove Extension Homemakers


The Maple Grove Homemakers met at 1:30 p.m. May 18 at the home of Sandra Lightle with 10 members and one guest present. The meeting was opened by Lightle reading a poem on how to do your laundry back when a kettle was used outside. It was something to think about. All the work that went into doing a washing for your family was certainly different than how we do laundry today by pushing buttons.

President Lightle led us in the Pledge to the American Flag, Christian Flag, creed and mission statement. Roll call was answered with, “Your favorite carnival ride.”

Secretary Rita Kirkpatrick read the secretary report and treasurer report was given by Betty Jeffers. We donated to the Food Pantry last month for our community service project. Our project for this month will be books to Head Start for ages 3-5 years. Carol Vice had purchased “The Little Engine that Thought It Could,” which she read to us as Judy McBride turned the pages so we could see the pictures in the book. We all were pretty sure how the story would end and we were correct. Vice purchased 16 books for the project and the club reimbursed her.

Open class was discussed and Janet Fagan had entered quilts and a blanket; Judy Tulley entered baskets and a painted gourd; Linda Miller entered a baby blanket, knitted cardigan, scarf and hat, crocheted doll outfits and a plaque depicting God Bless America Farm scene.

McBride gave a report on the upcoming district meeting on Aug. 24 which will be held at Whitesville Christian Church. She hopes to find a speaker that knows a lot about Montgomery County since the county will be celebrating 200 years. Reservations from our club need to be submitted to Jeffers by Aug. 10. We had a few sign up to donate muffins for the morning breakfast. There will be a planning committee meeting at 6 p.m. Aug. 11 at the 4-H building.

Kirkpatrick gave a short program on life lessons that her son had learned through his years playing baseball from the age of five, in school, college, summer leagues, out of the states and with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

McBride gave a report on “Scatter Kindness” where she informed us that the state president would like for members to give a “pocket heart” to people just to be nice and let them know that someone is thinking of them. We were given a pattern to follow to make the hearts and then use our imagination to complete them.

A health and safety report was given by Eileen Matricia on the new BA5 virus. This brought a lot of discussion from the group on what we can do to protect ourselves. She advised that a runny nose, sore throat and back pain were common symptoms of the virus. We were encouraged to get the second booster as well.

Carol Crowder and Miller led us in singing Yankee Doodle.

Vice had an inspiration concerning kittens and how their sweet way can touch our daily lives.

The meeting was closed with the club prayer.

We all gathered around a lovely summer decorated table and had a wonderful dessert and plenty of laughs and fellowship. Our next meeting will be held at 1:30 p.m. Aug. 15 at the Waynetown Baptist Church.