Volunteers for Mental Health open applications for inaugural award


Beverley Turner was best known for her dedicated teaching style. She was an iconic Southmont teacher who was inducted into the Southmont Hall of Fame in 2007. Turner’s service to others was equally legendary, yet often her caring acts were done quietly and anonymously.   

She served as president of the Volunteers for Mental Health in Montgomery County for several decades. In this capacity, Turner also spearheaded the annual Christmas Gift Lift program helping to locate, purchase, wrap and deliver gifts to hundreds of adults in need in Montgomery County. Upon her passing in June 2023, the Turner family requested that memorials be made to the Volunteers for Mental Health. Though she would have modestly declined this recognition, the VMHMC established a servant-leader award in Turner’s honor so her life and her selfless acts would live on forever.

The Beverley Turner Servant-Leader Award will be presented annually to recognize high school students who mirror Beverley’s vibrant service for others. Any high school student, from any grade-level, may apply.  There is no set number of recipients, but at least one may be recognized from each high school. The applicants’ body of work in service to others will guide the number of recipients who will receive a cash award.

To apply for the award, students from Montgomery County high schools should visit: www.vmhmc.org.

Questions may be directed to Denise Walker via email to  dbw@vmhmc.org.