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What do sports mean to you?


Editors Note: Area athletes were prompted with the question, what do you sports mean to you? And how has your perspective changed since they were taken away or altered? 

Justin Bachmann, Southmont soccer

“To me, sports are what helps build a person, both mentally and physically. My perspective has stayed the same since sports have been canceled and/or changed, since we’ve stopped sports I have noticed people aren’t out getting as much physical exercise.”

Claire Bonwell, North Montgomery
cross country

“Sports mean a lot to me. They help keep me active, and make me want to attend school every day. Sports also teach me how to manage my time well. They give me an opportunity to meet new people with similar interests at meets and invitationals. Once they were taken away, it wasn’t fun. I had to workout and keep motivating myself, which wasn’t easy. I didn’t get to compete or be around my friends. I also didn’t get to follow through with the goals I set for myself this year. It was very hard to adjust to.”

Laine Schlicher, Crawfordsville volleyball

To me, sports mean so much more to me than just a game or hobby. It’s about the friendships, life lessons, competition, and having fun. With COVID-19 taking away all of this away, I realize that I take all these opportunities and great programs we have in the area for granted. I think it has definitely made all us athletes want to work much harder and get back out on the court/field.

Beckett Jett, Southmont soccer

Sports mean everything to me. I’ve played soccer since the day I could walk. I watched my two older brothers play soccer from when I was a baby to when they graduated. I watch any sport on TV every chance I get, plus I’m addicted to playing FIFA on the X-box. The whole COVID-19 situation has helped me appreciate sports even more than I already did. It taught me to appreciate things before they disappear.

Belle Miller, Southmont soccer

Sports are more than a hobby to me. They are where you meet some amazing people. Where you become family with your teammates. Where you cry, and laugh, and scream! Sports, to me, are something that I can do to not only use my athletic talents, but to learn teamwork and perseverance. I learn so much from the sports I play. My coaches not only teach me the basics of the sport but focus on my individual growth. My teammates continue to encourage me and help me grow as an athlete. They also help me in other ways as well. They teach me how to be the best teammate I can be and how to encourage others. Since this year has been hectic and crazy with all changes that we have had to adjust to, I think my perspective has changed to thankful and grateful. Not thankful or grateful in the way that we possibly aren’t going to play our favorite sports, but thankful and grateful for the school staff that has made it possible for us to do our workouts and get back to where we want to be. Thankful and grateful for my coaches that are finding ways through all of this to still push us to be better. Thankful and grateful for my teammates who continue to encourage each other even though we aren’t able to be together. COVID-19 hasn’t gotten in the way of the encouragement and help that sports gives me. It’s just altered a little.

Keaton Conkright,
Southmont football

Sports are huge in my family. So sports means a lot to me. I grew up playing football, basketball, and baseball since 1st grade. Sports really change you. The coaches, the teammates. They are bonds that we will look back on the rest of our lives. Coach Hannum really had a big impact in my life. He has made me a better man and athlete. Whether it was on or off the field. He has always rode me hard and always said I have so much potential. In the weight room, on the field, and in life. Not being able to have sports around or that bond with my team and coaches is different. It’s different because everyday I was looking forward to seeing those guys and competing with them, and having a good time. So not having sports anymore kinda stinks, and is a very boring summer without. But on July 6th, I get to get back to work and grind with my brothers 24/7 and hoping for a great football season this year, and I get to see my team and coaches which the coaches won’t say it, but they miss me and they know it! This is what sports mean to me. 

Marley Massey, Fountain
Central volleyball

Sports have a huge impact on my life, that’s what I spend most of my time doing. When we got the email that we wouldn’t have a spring season I couldn’t tell you what was going through my mind. I think I was shocked. The first thing I thought of was that I wasn’t going to be able to compete with my sister that I have been playing with since I was three years old. My heart was crushed for the seniors. Not being able to play was something I didn’t want to do but didn’t have a choice. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do this summer just to able to play softball, but I had to figure out something. Luckily Covington still had a summer season I could participate in. I’m very thankful for that, I just hope that we can return back to normal for school so we can have a fall season.

Macie Shirk, Southmont golf

Sports mean a lot to me, especially golf and softball. I love being competitive and love being with my friends. I was really sad to miss the whole season of softball, but I’m looking forward to a good Fall season of golf.

Taylor Grino, Southmont golf

Sports have really showed me the world. And they have helped me make the greatest friends I’ll ever have. Sports helps me let out my competitive side, especially softball. I was upset to find out that I wasn’t going to have a softball season, but I’m excited and ready for this golf season.

Carlie DeSmet, North Montgomery volleyball

Sports, to me, means togetherness, as a team and community. Through these past few months of isolation, where being together is inadvisable, my appreciation for sports and my teammates has grown immensely. I believe that sports bring our community together and give everyone involved a sense of togetherness. I can’t wait to be together with my teammates and coaches.

Rachel Fedor, North
Montgomery volleyball

Sports to me means representing my team, school, and community and myself. It’s not just an extracurricular activity, it’s  where we come together and learn teamwork, discipline, and patience. This summer so far has been totally different from past ones. Due to the current situation, we’ve all had to adapt to these changes, such as remaining 6 feet apart, wearing masks and having healthy sanitation. My respect and appreciation for what we had in the past, that we may not have in the future, has grown. All of the protocols that we have to follow, coming onto the court on July 6th, will be an interesting way to start off my senior year!

Madi Welch, North
Montgomery volleyball

The sports I play have a lot of competition but they also teach me how to work with others and become a leader. I realized how much I miss the team aspect but it taught me how to motivate myself to become a better athlete and teammate.

Marissa Craig, Southmont soccer

Ever since I grew up I have been around sports. They are my entire world. I wouldn’t be where I am today or the person I am today if it weren’t for sports. I cannot think my coaches, parents, fans, and administrators for all of the support throughout the years. I love being involved in all three sports that I play. They have taught me to become a leader and a teammate and that has made me become the person I want to be outside of sports and school. These past few months have been so hard for me. I have mentally just been down about missing out on my junior softball season and being around the hardworking group of athletes this summer. Southmont is not the biggest school, but we truly have the hardest working group of athletes that show up and work hard to have successful seasons in the fall, winter, and spring. I have missed the summer workouts and practices so much and I just can’t wait to get into the weight room and put on the field. It has truly been so hard, but in less than a week we get to start working hard out on the field together rather than from home and I’m so excited. I miss my people.

Harrison Haddock, Southmont golf

Sports to me are a unique way to compete with your rivals as well as having fun and making friends. So when that opportunity is taken away, it feels like your hard work and preparation is being wasted.

Andrew Martin, Crawfordsville football

Sports mean everything to me. Being able to compete at the high school level at something you’re passionate about in front of an amazing community is something that I’ll cherish forever. Once sports were taken away for a while, it really changed the way i want to approach each game and practice. I want to approach every play like it’s my last and get better every day. Nothing is guaranteed right now, and i want to be able to make the most out of every opportunity I get.

Jacob Keeling, Fountain Central
boys tennis

I’ve been playing sports since I was a little kid and I have played a few sports over the years and they have always meant a lot to me. I now only play tennis and golf. These two sports mean a lot to me, especially tennis. But as we all know sports got canceled. My perspective on sports changed a little bit, we have to realize that when differences are thrown our way, that we either react in a positive way or a negative way. I hope that we choose the positive everytime. I was entering my junior season of golf and I felt like we had a good team this year and I couldn’t wait to start, but it got canceled. I’ll tell you right now, I can’t wait for senior year of tennis. The tennis team means a lot more to me than a team, it’s a family!

Benjamin Pietsch,
North Montgomery football 

Sports mean a lot to me. I have grown up surrounded by sports for my entire life. When I was younger, my family would spend days at the baseball fields. Sports have become an integral part of my life, so when I lost out on track season this spring I was in shock. I had no idea that losing track would be so impactful on my life. This experience has given me the perspective of how easily things can be taken away from us. I have learned to enjoy every second that I have in each sport that I play because soon enough, it may be the last second that I ever compete in that sport. I am beyond excited to be able to take the field again this fall and compete with all of my teammates that have all been dying to play football again.


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