Whimsie to open during Party Night


Jennifer Cullings, the owner of Whimsie, hopes to draw those attending Downtown Party Night into her new store.

Cullings purchased the buildings at 122 and 124 W. Main St. (formerly La Rose on Main) and is transforming them into her own retail vision. On Saturday, the store will open its doors. It will have a small nook of various Christmas items available for purchase. Coffee and refreshments also will be offered.

Cullings not only purchased the buildings, but also aquired the items in all four buildings of the former antique mall. She is motivated to move that inventory and is accepting reasonable offers.

Cullings is currently renting the other two buildings until she can sell everything in them.

“I need to sell as much as possible so that I can move the remaining inventory to my buildings,” Cullings said.

She originally planned to open a flea market at 122 W. Main St., but that plan was scrapped in July when a simple masonry job and removal of the awning on the front of the building uncovered a larger problem that needs addressed before she can use her entrances. The renovation work also uncovered beautiful pillars that are original to the building.

“Unfortunately, the cost to do the repairs is unbelievably high,” she said. “I have already used my personal funds, family funds and my entire IRA to make several other repairs and renovations prior to this and the money has simply run out. So, I need to sell a lot of antique and vintage items to be able to make the repairs.”

During Downtown Party Night she has permission to use the entrance at 126 W. Main St. to welcome in customers.

New store hour will be established after Downtown Party Night and will be made available on the Whimsie Facebook page.

“Owning an antique store has been a dream for me and I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to finally open the doors,” Cullings said. “Many items have been moved to storage in order to make room for traffic flow. As items sell, the items in storage will replace them. There is something for everyone at Whimsie.”

Cullings is proud to have been a full participant of the upcycling movement for most of her adult life.

“Nearly everything I own is vintage or antique,” she said. “Now that upcycling is becoming a thing, I am in the perfect position to offer many unique items that have withstood the test of time.

“I have never been  interested in adding to our landfills. I would much rather purchase a vintage piece of furniture and make it look modern before I buy an item that will fall apart in a few years. The cost to buy new is typically more or the same as an item that has been upcycled, and better yet, it is unique.”


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