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Letter: Bring back jobs and helping hands


I tried to fight the urge to write this letter because I realize that with the protests turning violent the tide of most of the sympathy has been pushed to the background. And to be honest watching the violence and destruction on television it is hard to respect who ever causes this.

The horror of seeing the lose of life right on television has been lost in this and I have no doubt that that is the plan. I could easily fall into this trap, but I happened to catch a short clip on television that caught a young African American and he was asked how he viewed the violence and destruction, and the pain on his face actually made me cry.

He was devastated and he said our cause has been lost because of this violence and destruction, what we need is jobs and decent places to live. He was asking just for what all human beings want to make a decent life. How can we not see this , If we do not get this right I feel our time is running out.

We need to bring back jobs and give people helping hands to change their lives until they regain their self respect and faith in themselves that they can succeed making a good life on their own.

Donna Stull



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