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Letter: Reader believes Rokita will be best for AG job


I want to personally take this time to thank all our local officials, candidates and delegates for all their hard work and devotion to this community. I also want to say that I have been praying for this community and asking God to prepare our hearts and minds as we engage in uncertain times. I have asked God to help me understand what it is that we are missing or taking for granted. I have concluded that there is a lack of faithfulness in those who often hold positions of authority. We need to understand that faithfulness, integrity and stewardship all go hand in hand.

Faithfulness says, “I have a responsibility and a duty to those around me to hold their sacred trust and safeguard the integrity of the position that I hold. Not for myself, but as a servant of humanity. Not for myself or for my own credit, but for the credit of those I serve.” This is the description of Mr. Todd Rokita, our former Congressman, Secretary of State and current candidate for Attorney General of Indiana. As a voter, mother, minister, wife and conservative Republican, I am asking our community to encourage our Republican delegates to support Rokita for Attorney General. We need people who will stand for what is right, protect our rights as Hoosiers and uphold the integrity of public office. Thank you and God bless you.

Sharon F. Sharp



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