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Letter: The devil is in (behind) the details


I encourage all the readers to take time and research the Democrat policy statements and documents available online to really understand what awaits Americans in the event Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are elected Nov. 3.

End the Trump tax cuts and raise taxes an estimated $4 trillion over the next 10 years (approximately $34,500 per household). These would include increases on small business income taxes from 30% to near 51%. Increases of capital gains taxes from 24% to approximately 40%. Death taxes of 40% on family-owned businesses and farms just to name a few.

Healthcare and benefits for all including 20-25 million illegal aliens currently present in the U.S., paid for by tax-paying Americans (natives and naturalized).

Changes to work laws including a federally mandated $15/hour minimum wage without regard to location, situation or industry, and an end to “right-to-work” laws in in 26 states. Changes to current I-9 employment verification procedures for illegal (undocumented) workers. Enhancement of H1B1 worker visa program (promoting more foreign workers instead of training U.S. citizens). Forced participation in established company unions even if the employee chooses not to participate in collective bargaining programs.

Funding high budget deficit states such as California, Illinois, New Jersey and New York, using “Covid-19 funding” bills, while requiring tax-payers in states such as Tennessee, Florida, South Dakota, North Carolina, Utah, Indiana, Nebraska, Virginia, Georgia and New Hampshire to pay for the sins of over-spending states many of which are “sanctuary states” refusing to uphold federal laws. Estimates of these bailouts range from $350 billion and $450 billion.

Rejoin the Paris Agreement on climate which includes China (28% of worldwide CO2 emissions), India (7% of worldwide emissions) and Russia (5% of worldwide emissions) who all pay lip service to it but do almost nothing to reduce their emissions. The U.S., beginning in 2006 under President George Bush, has reduced CO2 emissions to the lowest levels in our history (now 15% of the worldwide emissions) using conservation, alternate forms of energy where appropriate and technology to reduce emissions from manufacturing, coal and natural gas burning power plants and vehicles.


End the Electoral College and congressional filibuster;

Pack the U.S. Supreme Court;

Open borders with unrestricted immigration.

Please vote based on facts not wishes.

Mark Allen



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