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Letter: I beg each of you, to ‘Get vaccinated!’


Last week my guest column appeared in the Journal Review: “Please get vaccinated for COVID-19.” This letter is a more urgent plea on bended knees. In the wee hours of Saturday morning a close relative went to the local emergency room with acute pain. The ER doctor said she needed a procedure that day.

He went on to say that COVID-19 patients were filling hospitals in central Indiana, making it difficult to locate a hospital to treat other patients. In fact, he failed in his first attempts. Fortunately, he persisted and found a bed and a surgeon. A successful procedure enabled my relative to come home on Sunday morning.

The real danger is that unvaccinated individuals contract the contagious Delta virus, become dangerously ill, take up beds in hospitals, and make it almost impossible for critically ill patients to obtain medical care. The only solution is for unvaccinated people to get vaccinated and for everyone to wear masks until they do. You might be morally responsible for killing a critically ill neighbor. Please, please get vaccinated as soon as possible. The Montgomery County Health Department can make that happen quickly and easily — if you are willing.

Raymond Brady Williams



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