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Letter: Reader sends message to thief



To begin, let me state that this letter is specifically addressed to whomever had the gall to steal my lawnmower on June 13. I also realize that this will probably do no good as if you possess such low morals to steal then you probably do not read the newspaper as well. Regardless, I am still writing and publishing simply to get some things “off my chest.”

To the person(s) who decided to take possession of the mower, I just want you to know you have a fine piece of equipment. It is a Honda HRS216PKA and was purchased new in 2017. It has been professionally serviced every year and kept in a garage. If you continue to take proper care of it, you should get many years of use.

However, I question your ability to do so since you revert to taking someone else’s property. Also understand that a police report was made and if located you will be prosecuted. But, I will make a deal; if you return my property in working condition there will be no questions asked, otherwise the previous statement stands. I realize I will never see my equipment again and will be forced to spend $400-plus to purchase new, but that is reality. Will this hurt me financially, not really; simply a small blip on my financial radar but money I should not have to spend.

People in general are inherently good, but some ruin things for the masses, which is sad. I hope you can live with your decision(s) to take what is not rightfully yours but doubt that has even crossed your feeble mind. Just understand that at some time, either in this life or after, there will be a reckoning, I just hope you can live with the consequences.

Doug Hudson





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