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Letter: Young woman doesn’t want Deery elected to office


I am a young girl in high school who is terrified by Indiana’s extreme abortion ban and extremely concerned about Spencer Deery, the Republican nominee in the election for State Senate District 23. He seems to be embracing the radical far-right ideas of the statehouse supermajority that are out of touch with most people in Indiana.

Deery has made his stance on reproductive healthcare somewhat unclear, but at a debate in Lafayette in March, he said, “I oppose abortion in every way.” A YouTube video of this clip can be accessed at I must ask Mr. Deery: What decade do we live in? The 1950s?

Additionally, Deery’s attitude toward public schools is concerning. In 2012, Deery tweeted, “Indiana teachers union more worried about power & influence than improvement in classrooms.” Later that year, Deery retweeted a tweet from a former Louisiana Governor that reads, “Teachers unions spending millions of $ every year to keep kids trapped in failing schools - shameful.” Youth like me benefit from public education every day. Someone who thinks so lowly of our teachers and schools should not be a senator.

If we believe in responsible and balanced government, then we should not elect Spencer Deery.

Emmy Armstrong-Schneider

West Lafayette